Heather Hamiltonfor Brookline Selectman

Heather Hamilton for Brookline Selectman

Heather Hamilton for Brookline Selectman

Committed to Accessibility, Education, and Responsible Development

  • Heather Hamilton believes that all modes of transportation give us choices. The more choices, the more freedom.
  • Regardless of mode, safety is the utmost concern and a principle that she has worked diligently to ensure.
  • Our schools are one of our most precious resources and must be invested in prudently based on current and future enrollment.
  • Brookline is facing some unprecedented changes. The slew of 40B projects, along with other proposed development will have huge impacts on our town’s resources. But with every challenge, there is an opportunity to engage in the public process and discuss our shared vision for the future of Brookline.

Demonstrated Leadership in Brookline

  • Town Meeting Member in Precinct 3
  • Board Member, Coolidge Corner South Side Neighborhood Association
  • President of the Town Meeting Members Association (TMMA)
  • Co-Chair of the Green Caucus
  • Deputy Field Director, Yes for Brookline, campaign to approve the 2015 override
  • Volunteer, No on 2, campaign to advocate against lifting the cap on charter schools in MA

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