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About Voting

Voting by mail is available to all voters for all elections in 2020.

To vote by mail, all you need to do is:

  1. Complete a Vote by Mail Application;
  2. Deliver your application to your local election office;
  3. Vote when your ballot arrives;
  4. Return your ballot.

To ensure timely delivery of your ballot, it is recommended that you submit your application for a November ballot no later than October 20. Applications received after October 28 cannot be accepted.

State Election ballots need to be postmarked no later than November 3 and must be back at your local election office no later than November 6.

Apply early, in order to have enough time to return your ballot.


Need an accommodation because of a disability?

A voter with a disability may make a request to vote by mail using an Electronic Vote by Mail Ballot through an Accessible Vote by Mail System. This request must be submitted to the Accessible Vote by Mail Coordinator. For more information about the request process and the System, please continue reading.

This Accessible Vote by Mail System allows voters with disabilities to receive their ballot electronically, mark their ballot privately and independently using their own assistive technology, print their marked ballot, and mail or hand-deliver it to their local election official to be counted.

In order to get access to the Remote Accessible Vote by Mail System, a voter must first submit a request for accommodation to Accessible Vote by Mail Coordinator electronically to Kelly.Emmons@sec.state.ma.us. A voter may also reach the Coordinator by phone at 617-727-2828 from 8:45 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

As part of the request for accommodation for the September 1, 2020 primary election, the voter must first provide the Coordinator the following information:

  1. A statement confirming that the voter is registered to vote and requesting use of accessible vote by mail because of a disability that prevents them from marking a paper ballot;
  2. Full name (first, middle, last);
  3. Voter registration address (street address, city/town, zip code);
  4. Mailing address, if different than voter registration address;
  5. Date of birth;
  6. Email address; and
  7. Phone number.

Second, the voter must email the Coordinator an electronic 2020 Vote by Mail Application available HERE with all of fields completed, including the date and signature. The voter can use a mouse or stylus to sign or attach an image of their signature. However, a typed signature is not acceptable unless accompanied by a statement that you are disabled and cannot insert an electronic hand-drawn signature as a result.

Find your local election office

You may use the directory found here: https://www.sec.state.ma.us/ele/eleev/ev-find-my-election-office.htm, to locate contact information for submitting your 2020 Vote by Mail application to your local election office.

To submit your application, find your city/town in the list below. Your signed application may be submitted BY MAIL to the mailing address listed, BY EMAIL to the email address listed, BY FAX if available, or IN PERSON to the office address or drop box listed.

Early voting locations and schedules are posted at www.MassEarlyVote.com at least one week before early voting begins.


How do I know if my application was received?

You can use the Secretary of State’s website to track your mail-in ballot. If your application is marked as "Pending," that means your application has been received and your ballot will be mailed out as soon as it is ready. If the website can't find a record for you, that may mean that your application hasn't been received yet and you should call your local election office.

Where is my Ballot?

You can use the Secretary of State’s website to track your mail-in ballot. If the ballot has already been mailed, you will be able see the date is was mailed. If the website can't find a record for you, that may mean that your application hasn't been received yet and you should call your local election office.

Can someone else fill out my ballot for me if I am not home?

No. Only you can fill out your ballot and sign your ballot envelope, unless you are unable to do so because of physical disability or inability to read your ballot. All assistance must be provided in your presence. You can, however, have a ballot mailed to you wherever you are.

If I apply for a Vote by Mail ballot, Does that mean I can’t vote in person?

No. You can vote in person as long as you haven't already voted by mail. If you choose not to return your mail-in ballot, you can vote in person on Election Day or during early voting. You can also vote in person if you mail your ballot and it does not reach your election office by Election Day or if your mail-in ballot is rejected for any reason.

How do I return my Ballot?

You can return your ballot by mail or in person. If you are mailing your ballot, use the return envelope that was provided with the ballot, which is pre-addressed and pre-stamped for your convenience. If you are hand-delivering your ballot, you can drop it off at your local election office, in an official ballot return drop box, or at any early voting location during early voting hours. Contact your local election office for the location of any secure drop box they have provided for ballot return.

Will my ballot be counted if it arrives after Election Day?

For the State Election, ballots mailed from inside the country must be postmarked by November 3rd and arrive by November 6th in order to be counted. If you mail your ballot from outside the country, it has until November 13th to arrive, but it must still be postmarked by Election Day. If you think your ballot may not arrive in time to be counted, consider returning it by hand-delivery or voting in person.

updated: 1 year ago